bypass windows 7 admin password

How to Bypass Admin Password on Windows 7?

What can you do if you forget Windows 7 password? You can reinstall system directly if there is nothing important data in the computer. But if there is lots of confidential business data in your hard drive and you don’t have a backup, you will need to find a way to bypass Windows 7 administrator…

bypass windows 7 password

How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Screen and Password?

Most of Windows users would like to create a password to protect their computer. If you create a password on your PC, every time you boot your PC, you have to enter the password to logon. But if the PC never leaves your desk, you do not need to worry about unauthorized access, and the…

asus notebook

How to Reset Lost Password on ASUS Laptop?

Many ASUS laptop users like to create a password to stop unauthorized users from accessing to their ASUS laptop, as it is highly recommended by security expert. But due to various reasons, the password can be easily lost. As a common laptop user, have you ever come across this problem? How to fix this problem?

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How to Reset Windows 7 Password without Software?

If you forget your Windows 7 password, you can easily recover the password with windows password recovery tool. Many friends asked me if there is a way to reset windows 7 password without using any third party software. My answer was yes. In this article I will show you how to do it.