Windows 8 to Store Passwords in Cloud

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Living in a world of passwords, it’s a common thing if one forgot some of his passwords. According to a post in Windows 8 blog, the average person using a PC in the United States typically has about 25 online accounts. Obviously, it’s a very difficult for one to remember 25 passwords in mind all the time. If you are running Windows 7/Vista/XP, you may resort to apps like 1Password and LastPass to remember some passwords. However when it comes to Windows 8, you might not have to do that.

Microsoft announced that it will include a password manager in Windows 8 to make it easier to use secure, but convenient, passwords. Microsoft hopes that this will reduce password reuse, with all the problems that entails. As we know, many users use the same password for multiple web sites for convenience. But this is dangerous. If one of these sites gets hacked, the hacker is then able to access other web services.

In Windows 8, you’ll be able to store any passwords you create (Not only will you be able to store online credentials but also username and passwords from applications), and then sync them across all other trusted Windows 8 machines. All you need to do is to remember is your Live ID password.

Since the Live ID is the only password you’ll need to know, other passwords can be set to long, complex, and unique values that would be difficult to remember. If your Windows Live ID password is somehow lost or stolen, there will be a number of safety features in Windows 8 designed to detect compromise and limit account usage until you can successfully recover access to it.

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