How to Change Display Way of Taskbar on Windows 7?

When I use windows 7 for work at the first time, I am quite annoyed with the display way of its taskbar. If I open three file holders, I have to click two times to enable the one I need, as the following picture shows.


Specifically, it shows icons only, without any text labels identifying what they are. The screenshot above is what you typically see.

Fortunately, I read an article teaching me how to change display way of taskbar in windows 7. Now I’d like to share it with you. Here’s how:

1. Right-click free area of the taskbar, then choose Properties.
2. In the Taskbar tab, find the Taskbar buttons pull-down menu.
3. Choose Combine when taskbar is full or Never combine, then click OK.


The first option, which is what I use, keeps the text labels visible until the taskbar gets so crowded, at which point Windows will ditch the labels and merge multiple instances of running program (like, say, a bunch of Firefox windows) onto a single taskbar icon.

Here’s an “after” shot so you can see the taskbar with text labels:


Pin icon to taskbar

We frequently use IE or IM in daily surfing life, so there is a need to lock its icon on the taskbar for convenience. There are two ways:

Way 1

1. Click start, and find Internet Explorer in all programs.
2. Right-click Internet Explorer, and select pin to taskbar.
3. Finish.

Way 2

1. Click start, and find Internet Explorer in all programs.
2. Drag Internet Explorer icon from All Programs menu to the Taskbar.
3. Finish.

What you think? Do you like Windows 7’s new taskbar or are you going back to have a try?

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