Three Methods to Unlock Windows 7 Password

Forgot Windows 7 admin password? If you are not good at computer, it is tempting to resort to others to fix this problem, like your friends or PC expert. Actually, it’s easy to unlock Windows 7 password. You can just do this job on your own, regardless of your computer skill.

unlock windows 7 password

Method 1. Unlock Windows 7 Admin Password in Safe Mode

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of Windows OS. You can access the built-in administrator account in safe mode. With the help of the built-in administrator account, you are able to unlock Windows 7 password without disk. You can follow the steps below to enter safe mode and make necessary settings. Before you start to unlock the password, please make sure the built-in administrator account is enabled.

Step 1. Power on the computer, press F8 to enter Advanced Boot Options.

Step 2. Use the arrow keys to choose Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.

Step 3. Log on with built-in administrator account when you see logon screen.

Step 4. Right-click the Computer icon, and then select Manage.

Step 5. Double-click Local Users and Groups, and then click Users.

Step 6. Right-click the locked account, and then click Set Password.

Method 2. Windows 7 Password Unlocker

If the built-in administrator account is disalbed, how to unlock Windows 7 without password? There’re lots of Windows 7 password unlockers like Windows Password Buster available. These programs can help you create password reset disk with CD or USB flash drive. You can use the password reset disk to reset any Windows password.

Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Buster on any PC.

Step 2. Launch the program and create a password reset disk.

Step 3. Boot the locked Windows 7 PC with the password reset disk.

Step 4. Follow the instructions to reset the lost Windows 7 password.

Method 3. Crack Windows 7 Password with Command

You can also crack Windows 7 password by using command prompt. To open a command prompt window, you’ll need the help of Windows 7 installation disk. If you don’t have a system installation disk, you can create a system repair disk instead. You can create system repair disk on any Windows 7-based PC.

Step 1. Boot the PC with the system installation disk.

Step 2. When you see the Windows 7 installation screen, click Next to continue.

Step 3. Click Repair your computer, and then select recovery tools and click Next.

Step 4. Click Command Prompt to open a command prompt window.

Step 5. Type copy c:windowssystem32sethc.exe c: and hit ENTER.

Step 6. Type copy c:windowssystem32cmd.exe c:windowssystem32sethc.exe and hit ENTER.

Step 7. Reboot the PC, hit Shift key 5 times when you see logon screen.

Step 8. Type net user (type the name of the account) (type any password) and hit ENTER.

That is all. Hope these methods can help you unlock Windows 7 password. Of course, there are also another methods. For example, you can reinstall your system if you don’t mind losing data.

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