How to Reset Lost Password on ASUS Laptop?

Many ASUS laptop users like to create a password to stop unauthorized users from accessing to their ASUS laptop, as it is highly recommended by security expert. But due to various reasons, the password can be easily lost. As a common laptop user, have you ever come across this problem? How to fix this problem?

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Situation 1: Forgot ASUS laptop BIOS password

If you forgot the BIOS (start-up) password, there are two ways for you to unlock the laptop, one is to remove the CMOS battery, the other is to use a backdoor password.

The laptop keeps the time and settings even when it is powered off, because these parts are powered by a small battery inside the laptop. If you take out this battery, the laptop will lose its hardware settings, including the BIOS password. You can see this video to learn how to remove the battery. Please note that it will also remove the changes you have made to the default settings.

The other method is to use a backdoor password. On many laptops (especially old ones), laptop manufacturers create backdoor passwords for their own technicians to use so they could access the BIOS when the laptop is being serviced. You can google search the password or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Situation 2: Forgot Windows OS login password

If you forgot the login password for the Windows operating system like Windows 7 password, you can unlock the laptop with password recovery tool. There are lots of Windows password recovery tools available. Here I recommend Windows Password Buster. This software can help you create a password reset disk. With the password reset disk you can reset the Windows password without logging in the system.

Step 1. Download and install the software on any accessible PC.

Step 2. Create a password reset disk with CD or USB flash drive.

Step 3. Boot the ASUS laptop from the password reset disk.

Step 4. Follow the instructions to reset asus laptop password.

PS: Windows Password Buster enables you to create a password reset disk to reset Windows passwords in any version of Windows, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT and 2008. You could reset Windows 7 password easily. No need to call in a technicians, just reset the password on your own.

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